CognoBit’s Ai-Labz AI for Everyone

Ai-Labz is one of our Products 

What does CognoBit's Ai-Labz Artificial Intelligence Software System do?


  • Ai-Labz is a one-of-a-kind Artificial Intelligence tool / software

  • It is a Machine Learning tool / software

  • It can be described as Data Analytics tool / software or Data Analysis tool / software with many capabilities.

With Ai-Labz, everyone can use AI.

Other Services and Products 

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CognoBit designs and develops Artificial and Computational Intelligence expert decision-making systems. These AI Systems are unique and exclusively designed for the needs of each client, and are able to:

  • Mimic the cognitive functions of human mind such as "learning" and "problem solving" 

  • Model a complex situation and recognize its hidden patterns (concealed from any other expert )

  • Classify and cluster unlimited number of data

  • Analyse the data and conclude accurate expert decisions

  • Predict outcomes of a complex dynamic scenarios /phenomena

  • Find the optimum solution(s) / parameters for a complicated dynamic system

  • Reproduce the missing data

  • Extract knowledge from data sets


The solutions derived from our AI systems, benefit our client with several advantages, including:

  • Decreasing production cost

  • Decreasing production time

  • Enhancing quality

  • Increasing productivity

  • Analytical risk control


Each system consist of following main layers:


1) A Computational-Intelligence Decision Making Kernel which functions as the Brain of the expert system, designed by rigorous mathematical algorithms.

2) System’s dataset


CognoBit’s Product is a state-of-art Artificial Intelligence Expert System, designed exclusively to meet our clients’ requirements which solves complex real-life problems.


CognoBit provides services to every industry such as wine, food & agriculture, education, infrastructure, hazard management, banking, insurance, medical /drug research, healthcare, economy, manufacturing and mining.


CognoBit’s methodology process map diagram in brief:

Advantages of using CognoBit’s AI systems

CognoBit's AI Systems are dynamic and adaptable to new data and information.

CognoBit's AI systems are incomparably more accurate than any other conventional interpretation.

CognoBit's AI Systems are not constrained by biological factors such as errors and biases.

CognoBit's AI systems are precise, accurate, trustworthy and firmly dependable.

CognoBit's AI Systems' processing speed supersedes any conventional method.

CognoBit's AI Systems' costs are incomparable to their many financial benefits.

CognoBit's AI Systems do not require several considerable resources.

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