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Analyse your Data Using Artificial Intelligence, like a Professional AI Expert

 (even without any knowledge of AI)

With Ai-Labz, you have a 24/7 Excellent AI Expert to help you, Develop your Business, Raise your Sales and Reduce the Costs through Professional AI Analysis, which needs only One operator.
You don’t need any AI knowledge to Use Ai-Labz.
Ai-Labz provides a user-friendly, easy-to-use environment, so that people with no AI background can easily apply complex Artificial Intelligence analysis on datasets.
Ai-Labz has revolutionised Data Analysis Industry
Ai-Labz is a professional, cost and time effective Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis platform. The analysis methods provided by Ai-Labz have been extensively tested on solving different problems for many years ( It gives you the AI analysis results in a click of a button without having to waste your time and assets to enter the unknown realm of data analysis with uncertain traditional approaches. 
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Ai-Labz Packages

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Ai-Labz Software

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Ai-Labz Software and Training

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Ai-Labz Software, Training and Consultation

Please contact for information about Platinum and Diamond packages.


Insert your Data

Prepare the data in numerical format and copy it to clipboard (Ai-Labz Help Guidelines give you simple examples that are easy to follow).

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Analyse your Data

Choose from a variety of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for prediction, classification and clustering.

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Explore the AI Results

Easily create your model, compare and analyse its results and save your work.

Proven to analyse the data using the most efficient AI algorithms and methods.

Proven to significantly reduce the time and cost of data analysis.

Proven to provide professionally recognised results for different datasets.

Please email for more information about the above.


You can choose between a variety of Neural Networks (including Dynamic Neural Networks) with different structures to analyse your data, with the ability to ask questions about the future performance of a specific record.


You can choose among different classification algorithms (such as Support Vector Machines, Decision Trees and K Nearest Neighbours), with different choices which affect the performance for each algorithm, with the ability to ask questions about the future performance of a specific record. The system supports categorisations up to 5 groups.


You can use Self Organising Maps to cluster your data into the choice of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 or 100 clusters.



Explore How Ai-Labz Works 
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