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CognoBit’s Ai-Labz AI for Everyone

Artificial Intelligence Projects

Founders of CognoBit have designed several AI expert decision-making systems for a variety of applications, including but not limited to the following projects:​

  • Oil & Gas: Pipeline failure detection

  • Banking and Finance: Loan repayment prediction

  • Transportation: Optimal positioning of Police vehicles cameras

  • Meteorology: Prediction of wind direction & speed and prediction of flood

  • Renewable Energy:  Hybrid green energy storage systems

  • Economy: Prediction of National investment return

  • Environmental Hazards: Power plants explosion and leakage prediction

  • Commodity: North Brent crude oil price prediction

  • Construction: Crane optimal positioning and maximum load capacity

  • Department of Justice: Prediction of rehabilitation of detainees

  • Stocks: Prediction of equity price

  • Healthcare: Prediction of mental & physical disorders

Please contact us for a demo of our products.

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