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AI in a Nutshell

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines via a combination of different proven computational techniques and mathematical precise algorithms. These algorithms and methods enable the machines to learn and make precise decisions.

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Conventional Software

Generally, conventional software is designed with the following assumptions:

-  Linearity assumption: The real-life problem/phenomena have a linear nature; therefore the software maps a line or segment of lines to the existing data points, missing several data points. Hence, the solutions derived from linear trend analysis does not include numerous data points and are inaccurate and unreliable.  


-   Static nature: Every real-life problem/phenomenon has a dynamic nature, i.e. the system’s behaviour is a function of time and changes with time. Most conventional software are unable to recognize such changes, hence they are unable to predict and calculate the outcomes for a system that has not been given to the software. 

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Why is AI unique?

Artificial intelligence approach towards analysing and solving a real-life problem/ phenomena is unlike any conventional software.

Most natural phenomena and real-life problems have extremely complicated dynamic nature (referred to as “nonlinear dynamic systems”).

The conventional methods are incapable of solving problems with nonlinear dynamic nature except circumstances in which several parameters are neglected and/or many limitations are imposed. Hence, conventional methods either fail to solve real-life problems or are incapable of generating results with the desired accuracy.

Artificial intelligence is the only science known to humankind that can solve problems of nonlinear dynamic nature with the desired accuracy. 

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AI's Abilities

Artificial Intelligent systems are able to learn and improve their performance through interactions with data and information.  AI expert systems are able to solve the most sophisticated problems and imitate the behaviour of the most complex environments. They are capable of providing accurate predictions and strategic solutions. AI systems are utilised to find the optimum parameters of a complicated dynamic function, classify different complex phenomena, sequencing and optimizing enormous amount of data, recreating missing data and many more.

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Other Advantages

Using Artificial Intelligence has countless other advantages including but not limited to accuracy, generalization, cost-effective, time-effective, speed, unlimited working capability, etc. Further, the intelligence of AI machines is not constrained by many biological and intellectual restrictions of humankind.

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The Future is AI

Considering many unique capabilities and applications of Artificial and Computational intelligence, several experts believe that the future belongs to Artificial and Computational intelligence.

The advantageous of Artificial and Computational intelligence has been so outstanding, exceptional and rewarding that AI has been recognised as the global leading major scheme in the World Economic Forum 2016.

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