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CognoBit is developing the following prototypes utilizing Artificial Intelligence technology:

Driver's Liability Assessment (© 2017 AI Development Solution)

Diabetes Predictor (© 2017 AI Development Solution)


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GognoBit's founder gives a talk on AI at Hudson on 28th August 2019 in Adelaide.


AI: An Insight


Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the world by creating an avenue to identify superior decisions in complex environments. The question many of us have is, "what is AI and how can we utilise it to keep up with the advancements in technology?". This presentation will provide an overview of AI and some of its applications in industry and examples of their financial return. It will demonstrate a few prototypes of Artificial Intelligence software and illustrate the process of design and development of Artificial Intelligence decision-making systems. Finally, the questions regarding AI and its application in solving specific problems, which are of interest to the audience, will be addressed.