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CognoBit’s Ai-Labz AI for Everyone


CognoBit is a business name registered by ZinoBit Pty. Ltd. in Australia.

CognoBit has been founded to promote the application of Artificial and computational intelligence methods in real-life problems.

CognoBit’s advanced methods addresses and solves several complex and dynamic problems existing in various sectors of industry, economy, health care, food and agriculture, wine, energy, infrastructure, and construction (“Real-Life Problems”).

The objectives of the above solutions are to benefit our clients and customers through:

  • Prediction

  • Optimisation

  • Decrease production costs and time

  • Enhancing productivity

  • Improving quality

  • Optimal sequencing

  • Expert decision making

  • Recreating missing data

  • Decreasing risk

Founders of CognoBit are internationally recognised experts who live in Adelaide, South Australia.


Dr Niusha Shafiabady

(PhD, FHEA, MSc, BSc)

Associate Professor in Intelligent Systems and

CognoBit's Founder



Dr Niusha Shafiabady is an associate professor and an internationally recognised expert in the field of Computational and Artificial Intelligence with years of professional experience in academia and industry.
She has held various academic positions in internationally recognised universities including the University of Nottingham.
In addition, she has been involved in Computational Intelligence industry since 2000, as project consultant/manager, chief scientific advisor and business owner. 
She is the inventor of an AI optimization algorithm. She has published numerous research articles, particularly in Tier 1 journals, supervised post-graduate students and is the recipient of several awards and credentials. She is the Fellow of Higher Education Academy of the United Kingdom. 
She has  played significant roles in achieving research grants. 
She has led several projects in various sectors in which she has applied innovative Artificial and Computational Intelligence methods to solve real-life problems.

Molecules Bio


Director and co-founder

Cognobit’s Director and co-founder is an expert in management systems including Quality Assurance, Health & Safety, Environment, Risk Management, project management and International Standards. 
James's schooling was primarily in the United Kingdom and South Africa and he graduated in Applied Physics. He completed his postgraduate studies in Project Management & Occupational Safety and Health. 
He has held various executive positions in international companies for the past 18 years and has collaborated with several reputable international companies such as Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI), Eni, Statoil and Lloyds. He has been involved in management of projects collectively worth Billions of Dollars. 
He has received several awards and is a member of several internationally recognised organizations such as AOQ (Australian Organization for Quality), SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers, USA), and Institute of Management Consultants (USA). 
His main interests are mathematical modelling, analysis and management of complex systems and has published a number of articles in peer reviewed journals.

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