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The Importance of Mathematics in Artificial Intelligence


We hear the term AI expert, Data Scientist, Data Analyst or similar professions a lot these days. Something that many of us don’t take into consideration, is the importance of mathematics in Artificial Intelligence. Many people believe that mathematics and algorithm design are like swimming and music; if you learn it when you are a child, you might get perfect at it otherwise you can’t be the world’s best musician or an Olympic gold medallist. You might be like me who doesn’t know if that is a fact or not. Something that is evident and all real AI experts agree on, is the importance of mathematics and algorithm design in developing all kinds of Artificial Intelligence systems. So, if we want our future generation to be producers of knowledge and not just users and consumers, it would be worthwhile to focus on mathematics much more. I wonder if the future generation will ever see so many Great Minds like the ones, we saw in Solvay Conference in 1911.

The Founder of CognoBit

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